An individual in possession of an object of art will generally want to estimate its value in order to insure, resell or bequeath it to relatives through a will. It will therefore be necessary to use the services of a professional appraiser to get a clear idea of ​​the value of the property. The choice of expert is diverse, but each type of expert will be able to offer a relevant assessment that meets the expectations of the sponsor.

The generic choice: contact the octioneer

The obvious solution to getting an object of art estimated is to use the services of an auctioneer. This professional is notably invested with the public service mission and will in fact be required to deliver a free estimate orally, which in principle corresponds to the minimum price found in the auction room. However, it should be noted that to benefit from a more complete valuation, the owner of the property will have to deposit it for a few days and pay the service charges, for example for the valuation of a painting. The auctioneer will also identify and verify the origin of each object made available and determine the condition of the goods, which will then allow them to be located on the market.

To favor an expert?

The second solution for carrying out the appraisal and estimation of a painting is to enter a specialist such as an antique dealer. These knowledgeable professionals can deliver excellent information, but careful selection is still recommended. In case of hesitation on the choice of the individual, the owner can also ask his insurance company for advice on the objects to be valued and the latter can then offer him a list of experts collaborating regularly with the company. Banking establishment. The chosen specialist may ask the sponsor to bring these goods or alternatively to come to the latter to perform the analysis. Expert fees vary depending on the expert and are often manifested as a percentage of the object's value or as a fixed price.

Estimate the object online

Owners who are planning to sell a painting can finally go to the many websites to estimate the object of interest. On the other hand, the person must send a detailed description, photographs as well as a large amount of information that may be essential (condition, artist, year of production, etc.). The solution is convenient for people wanting to get a brief estimate of their property, but it does have some drawbacks. The online experts take no responsibility for the item, but some sites still offer certificates of authenticity, in which case the operation will be charged.