The first step in the process of selling a painting or other Art object is to assign a value to the work. However, finding the perfect Art appraiser to value your object is not an easy task, as many experts specialize in a specific field and it is challenging to be a renowned specialist in all areas of Art appraisal. Yet, what is the best way to find the right Art appraiser?

Why having a painting appraised?

It is essential to consult an art expert to determine the art value. Knowing the value of a painting is important for its owner, because the price of the painting can vary depending on the artist who made it, its authenticity, the materials used and many other criteria. Therefore, it is difficult for an amateur to value a painting by him/herself, because there are many different studies to be carried out in order to know the fair price of this work of Art. Therefore, the Art expert is required to perform his expertise in order to assign a value to the painting.   

Rates for an expertise

An expertise can sometimes be expensive, indeed the rate for a simple expertise without thorough research ranges between 200 and 300 euros without including transportation expenses, historical analysis expenses, laboratory expenses and other technical expenses. Similarly, if the research required is rather difficult, the fees charged by the Art expert vary between 1 and 5% of the presumed value of the object, however the prices are negotiable and you can make an offer. The expertise of a valuable painting is often expensive and time consuming, yet it is essential, because the amateur would be lost without the services of an expert to define the value of the Artwork.

Some tips on how to find a good Art Appraiser

It should be highlighted that there is no legal status for the Art expert profession; however, the appraiser must be a renowned connoisseur in a specific field. An Art expert can also be a salesman in a boutique or in an antique shop. A good art expert must paradoxically be qualified to give an impartial opinion, so he can provide a Certificate of Authenticity and give an appraisal of the value of the Artwork objectively. The best experts are those who guide their clients through the sale process and those who are able to recommend a renowned connoisseur for each object, because in this field it is almost inevitable to succeed in all areas.