In the past, ceramic vases were very common and belonged to the category of beautiful pieces. They resulted from the working of pottery by great craftsmen and pottery painters. Vases were used in daily life to store wine, water, oil but also for funerals. They were produced in a variety of styles and forms, with some vases having higher ratings.

Vases with black figures on a red background

The most attractive style concerns vases with black figures on a red background. These types of vases were produced in the 6th century BC. It is the work of Athenian craftsmen. The vases are signed or not by the potters and painters. Amphorae with black figures on a white background remain the most attractive at auction. The amphora is a 20 to 100 cm high container with two handles. It was made to store oil, wine, condiments and olives. The most popular model of amphora has black figures decorated with the battle of three hoplites and a quadriga of Athena, black clay and glazed. Please consult the professionals to get your vase valued on

Vases with new red figures on a black background

Vases with new figures were produced around 530 BC. These are the designs with red figures on a black background. The figures illustrate mythological scenes and stories. The work showing the fight of Alcyone against Heracles, remains the most impressive and the most highly valued. The red-figured amphora, decorated with an Eros and an ephebe, is the highest rated. The quality and perfection of the Art and decoration give the antique vases exceptional prices.

The lekythos with an exceptional figure and a white background

The lekythos with white background measure between 15 and 50cm high. In the Corinthian period, it was used to keep perfumed oil for various rituals. The figures concern a feature of the characters, frequently polychrome. The themes revolve around daily life, from the gynecae to the palestra. The style of figure progresses from the lightest to the most complex, filling the whole space of vases. They are figures of veiled women, dancing and going to the bathroom. These types of vases of antiquities are collections worth thousands of euros.  Antique vases are beautiful pieces. They are part of the works of Art produced by craftsmen and painters. The red and black colors remain the emblematic colors of ceramics. Vases with black figures on a red background and with red figures on a black background are among the most expensive works at auction. The lekythoi with exceptional figures and white background are more expensive.