Add value to your work of art by having its price estimated by an expert before thinking about selling it. Choose a free estimate on the internet.

How to define an art work?

First of all, an object of art is an object of great importance. It is an object that is the result of an unusual fabrication or artistic creation. It is an object with an attractive aesthetic designed with a huge imagination. It can come from the art of sculpture, paintings, furniture, goldsmiths, metallurgy and many other collectibles and even vases that last from antiquity. For the latter, if you want to sell a vase, know that there is a specialized site dedicated to vase estimation.

Why is it essential to estimate an artwork?

Usually, the valuation of a work of art is done by an auctioneer or an antique dealer. An antique dealer who is a natural person specializing in the repurchase of works and objects of art in order to resell them afterwards. For a price estimate by an antique dealer, you can be sure you're getting a fair price as he is a connoisseur of collectibles. On the other hand, even if he is as expert as that, he could be wrong about the estimate of your object of art. Therefore, it is advisable to also consult an auctioneer. The latter is more visible during auctions. He is known to be a professional in the art market, able to give adequate value to your art object whether it is a painting, a picture, a vase or a piece of art sculpture.

How to do an online estimation?

Finally, an art valuation is based on various criteria. It can be done online. Besides, it's free. The internet estimate is carried out by specific websites which only take into account works of art. These are sites that sell artistic objects and offer free pricing. Very quick to perform, the estimate is done by joining a single platform. You estimate a vase for example. You just need to specify the category of your item, fill out a form and get your item's value estimate with a few easy clicks. The latter is an efficient and accessible solution that guarantees value at a fair price.