Art has always existed for millennia in various aspects, and works of art have been passed down from generation to generation to this day. So much attention is paid to art objects since they are history itself, and the more important they are, the more colossal their value increase

How to make sure an art object is authentic?

Above all, a work of art is recognized for its history, its cultural value, its artistic value and its heritage value. The stages of an estimate begin first with verifying the authenticity of the object in question, and then come the estimate of the object of art, that is, the price of its general value. The specialist begins by taking into account the characteristics of an object according to its category and then comparing the object to a similar work. It then issues a certificate of authenticity which will add to the value of the work of art.

How to organize selling an art work?

The value of an art object can vary depending on the province of its sale, for example an Asian art object will be much more expensive in other countries than in Asia, of course. However, there are two criteria to consider before auctioning an object of art namely: The ideal sales period: like every object, its yard is constantly changing and it is important to keep abreast of trends in the art market. The target with great interest in the object: Obviously, a potential buyer will be willing to shell out a huge sum in order to obtain an object of art. It is therefore important to choose buyers for a more successful sale. By constantly monitoring these factors, the seller will only be able to make good profits.

How to preserve an art work?

Unfortunately, works of art gradually degrade due to their age and their original environment, however there are specialists who can revive the art object and give it its original appearance at great prices. very reasonable. It is very important to know that the older an object of art, filled with history, the more valuable it is, and this is one of the reasons why preserving an object of art is essential. So in a few years the object of art will be valued two, three or even ten times its value. While the buyer, whether a collector or an art museum, will have paid the fair amount for a beautiful piece of art.