Generally, requesting an estate inventory is not a mandatory process. It is important to do this so as not to collapse under the debts left by the deceased, to avoid misappropriation of hereditary patrimony and to limit conflicts. The estate inventory allows you to list the assets of a deceased person to estimate the amount of their heritage.

Why request an estate inventory?

The purpose of the succession inventory is to assess the amount relating to the patrimony of the deceased. It allows you to define the amount of your movable and immovable property. Generally, there are 2 types of inventories. There is an inventory of furniture and an inventory of property constituting the estate. If an heir does not request an estate inventory, it shows that he is simply and purely accepting the estate and inheritance. However, it also requires him to commit to repay all debts left by the deceased. In case of acceptance up to the amount of net assets, if the heir accepts the inheritance and agrees to settle all debts up to the amount of the assets, it is mandatory to carry out the inventory. It is necessary to make a list of assets to be inherited and the list of debts. The estate inventory helps protect heirs. Likewise, this is to be achieved if the successor thinks of accepting the inheritance up to the amount of the net assets.

Ho to take inventory of the estate?

In general, an heir can ask an auctioneer, a bailiff or a notary to carry out the inventory of the estate. He must send his request to the registry of the tribunal de grand instance. The inventory must include the value of movable and immovable property, stocks and securities, debts and money. Likewise, it must include debts, credits, loans and bequests. In addition, the inventory must indicate the quality and the list of successors. Subsequently, once the request is made, registration and publication must be carried out. Then, the notary can start to calculate and share the shares of the inheritance.

What are the legal deadlines for carrying out an inventory?

For an heir who wishes to carry out an inventory of the succession, deadlines are not imposed. But, the request must be filed within two months if he accepts the inheritance and if he agrees to settle all debts up to the amount of the inheritance. There are certain situations that require the completion of an estate inventory. You are obliged to do this after affixing seals, in the event of judicial partition proceedings, in the event of inheritance devolved to the State, if one of the interested parties requests special protection or in the event of acceptance up to the amount of 'net assets. The time allowed to submit your inventory request is two months